Galaxy Watch 3 Review

When it comes to beauty, sophistication and power, the Galaxy Watch 3 has it all.  With the extra bonus of a nifty rotating bezel for a more satisfying user experience.  Just invest in a more hard-wearing strap for workouts and you’re good to go!


Noticeably smaller, slimmer and lighter than the original, the Galaxy Watch 3 is a significant improvement in terms of looks and comfort.  It comes in a few different sizes and colour variations and with a wide range of face designs and data formats to choose from, making it easy to customise your look.

The Galaxy Watch 3 looks more like a traditional watch than a smartwatch.  So, with just a quick change of strap post-workout, you can wear it out to even the fanciest of restaurants.  It comes with a leather strap which, although good-looking, isn’t very practical when faced with sweat or water.  That’s where our range of durable and sporty Galaxy Watch 3 Straps comes into play.  Available in a choice of materials, such as silicone, they’re suitable for even the toughest and sweatiest of workouts!

Last but not least when it comes to design, the Galaxy Watch 3 boasts a rotating bezel.  This welcome addition gives the user a handy and fun alternative to the usual swiping and touch-screen experiences.


Tech-wise, there are loads of functions and features on offer, including an FDA approved ECG monitor, SpO2 tracking (to check blood oxygen levels), VO2 max tracking (to check the maximum rate of oxygen consumption during exercise), on board GPS and trip detection sensors (which trigger an automatic call to the emergency services if a hard and sudden fall is sensed).

Sleep tracking is also available, with this smartwatch capable of tracking REM cycle and sleep disturbances.  You then get an accurate and helpful morning report on your overall sleep quality, together with handy tips on areas for improvement when it comes to maximising your beauty sleep.

General features include a T9 keyboard for texting and the ability to track 40 different activities, 7 of which are automatically detected without the need for pre-selection.


A major bonus for me was the rotating bezel design and the satisfaction this creates when it comes to the user experience.  I was also a big fan of the customisable menus, the variety of useful apps and the ease with which the Galaxy Watch 3 enables you to navigate between them all.  Another plus point was being able to type out a text on the screen using the mini keyboard at times when it was inconvenient to talk.  With accurate GPS, music storage and excellent fitness and sleep tracking, there simply wasn’t much not to like about this multi-tasking smartwatch.


A couple of minor grumbles: there’s been a slight reduction in battery life since the original (now averaging 2 days); I found that the motion gestures were a little temperamental and, when they did work, I was left feeling a bit embarrassed when out in public!  Although, it probably comes more naturally once you get the hang of it.  In comparison with Apple, the Galaxy Watch 3 has a more limited range of apps.  However, there’s a respectable selection to choose from, such as Uber and Spotify, with more to be added going forward.

You get what you pay for and all the functions and features packed into this smartwatch come with a fairly hefty price tag.  This is the priciest of the Galaxy models and on a par with the Apple watches, so it’s not the best choice if you’re on a tight budget.


If you’re looking for a stylish, high-performance smartwatch which hits the right balance between lifestyle and fitness, then look no further.  In a crowded and competitive market, the Galaxy Watch 3 stands out from the crowd.  Whether you go for this option or an Apple watch within the same price bracket depends on your personal preference, but you could do a lot worse than to opt for the Galaxy Watch 3, particularly if you have a Samsung phone.