Galaxy Fit 2 Review

An attractive and affordable fitness tracker which does the basics well.  If you’re on a tight budget and looking for an uncomplicated smartwatch, minus the faff, then the Galaxy Fit 2 is the perfect choice.


With a rounded rectangular display, a choice of over 70 different watch faces and a streamlined design (thanks to the removal of the physical bezel), this is a good-looking and polished smartwatch by any standards, but particularly bearing in mind the budget price-tag.  The Galaxy Fit 2 features a larger display than its predecessors, making it all the better for checking out the vivid colours which are brightly and clearly displayed, even in outdoor light.

The straps are interchangeable and, as we have almost as many different Galaxy Fit 2 Straps for you to choose from as there are watch faces, it’s easy for you to mix and match to create a variety of different looks.


For such an affordable price, this smartwatch certainly packs a punch when it comes to the range of features on offer.  It can provide metrics on steps and distances covered, automatically detect 5 different types of workout, monitor heart rate (during exercise and on an ongoing basis for stress tracking), record the number of calories burned, track sleep to provide REM insights, a daily sleep analysis and award personal Sleep Scores and more.  In terms of general features, it also ticks a lot of boxes, offering notification support, weather forecasts, music controls, inactivity notifications and (if you have an Android phone) the ability to respond to messages with pre-set or custom responses.  Not bad at all for under £50!


I loved the sleek, stylish look of this smartwatch and the lightweight comfortable feel - especially when paired with one of our stunning straps!  The wide variety of watch faces mean there’s something for everyone style-wise and, if you get bored, you can just change to a different one.  The display is great quality and looks expensive (even though it isn’t).

I found the Galaxy Fit 2 super simple to use.  With no complicated gadgetry to get your head around, you can just strap it on and get going, without any fuss. The touchscreen is very responsive, so there was none of the frustration that comes with having to tap multiple times to get the desired response.

When tracking the basics, such as steps and sleep, this smartwatch was reliable and accurate.  The accelerometer and gyroscope motion sensors are capable of tracking step movement and sleep very well.  The water resistance was also a nice touch, as was the long battery life of 7 to 10 days in my experience (not quite the 15 to 21 days claimed, but still a good effort).

Taking all these factors into consideration and adding a big dollop of affordability, you’ve got yourself a solid smartwatch which represents brilliant value for money.


Perhaps unsurprisingly given the price, the Galaxy Fit 2 does have a couple of imperfections.  Namely, the slight glitch in terms of the accuracy of its heart rate monitoring and exercise tracking.  Because there is no form of GPS support, exercise tracking is solely reliant upon motion sensors, which likely accounts for the lack of accuracy when it comes to outdoor exercising.


A great budget buy and a big improvement on its predecessors, the Galaxy Fit 2 looks and feels like a premium product, despite its low price. If you want great heart rate and outdoor fitness tracking, you should look elsewhere.  Otherwise, when it comes to delivering on the basics, plus a few extras, this is a worthy choice.