Galaxy Watch 5 Review

Android users, get excited, because Samsung have finally gifted us their latest offering – the Galaxy Watch 5 – And what a brilliant offering it is too!

Stylish yet subtle, it’s not a bold statement-piece, but an understated and simple affair, guaranteed to go with absolutely everything in your wardrobe. Plus, it’s available in two different sizes and a range of attractive colours, so you’re bound to find the perfect version for you.

The invisible interactive digital bezel, formerly brought to you by the Galaxy Watch 4, has made a welcome comeback.  Both the screen and digital bezel are intuitive and pleasantly responsive to the touch and the side buttons provide a satisfying click feedback, making for an overall very user-friendly experience indeed.

The circular Super AMOLED screen doesn’t disappoint, with a crisp, clear and vivid display quality.  However, the main upgrade to the display comes from the premium materials – In this model, the cover glass of the Galaxy Watch 4 has been replaced with sapphire crystal, which is a whopping 60% stronger, by Samsung’s reckoning.  And, having road-tested it for myself, I’d say they’re definitely right!

The durable and lightweight build of the Galaxy Watch 5 means that it’s tough on whatever life throws at it, yet also delicate and comfortable on the wrist.  It’s been certifiably tested to withstand extreme conditions, so it’s incredibly resilient against hard knocks, drops, temperatures and other hostile factors.  So, don’t let its compact size and lightweight feel fool you - This is a mighty powerhouse of a smartwatch!

When it comes to powerful health and fitness tracking features, this watch is certainly impressive.  The heart rate monitoring and GPS tracking are both reliably and consistently accurate, as is the exercise tracking.  The BioActive Sensor does a great job of sleep tracking, heart rate and blood oxygen monitoring, and ECG and body composition analysis - which measures water retention, body fat percentage, bone density and the like.

For me, the high precision sleep tracking is one of the standout features.  Here, the Galaxy Watch 5 excels, outperforming the vast majority of its competitors when it comes to accuracy.  It offers more in-depth guidance and insightful tips than previous models, the majority of which I found to be meaningful and helpful when put into practice, leading to better quality and longer lasting sleep.

Running Google’s Wear OS 3 means you get a rich supply of apps and features, plus good smartphone integration provided you have an Android phone.  Comprehensive third-party app support is high on a lot of people’s wish-lists when it comes to wearables, so you’ll be pleased to hear this watch delivers on that. 

It supports Samsung Pay by default, although you do have the choice of switching to Google Wallet if you prefer.  Either way, you get to make those all-important contactless payments via your wrist.  You also get to use Samsung’s Bixby voice assistant, which I found worked well.  Although, you do have the option to switch to the Google Assistant should you so wish.  This is a watch that not only brings you features, but choices of features!

A big plus for me was the call functionality, which gives you the ability to make calls, as well as receive them. The call quality was superb and it’s a super handy feature to have while you're on the go.

The only notable flaw in an otherwise pretty much perfect wearable is the one-day battery life.  This is an area where Samsung definitely have scope to up their game if they want to rival many of their higher performing competitors.  However, it’s not all bad news battery-wise, with the Galaxy Watch 5 being a solid 30% faster to charge than its predecessor.

So, if a daily charge is more than you can bear, then this isn’t the watch for you. Otherwise, the Galaxy Watch 5 is a very worthy choice indeed, offering great functionality and an array of impressive features.

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